Bridal Boudoir

Getting ready for your Big Day? How about a little gift for your groom that will make his jaw drop? Bridal Boudoir Album is the perfect present from the bride to the groom on their wedding day. This is a gift he will never forget.

Bridal Boudoir. Dina Studio

Bridal Boudoir is a unique opportunity to capture your individual seductive beauty through tasteful intimate photos. It is also a great opportunity to create timeless images that will always remind you and your husband about the passion surrounding your relationship before your wedding.

Bridal Boudoir Melbourne

Bridal Boudoir photo shoot is a great experience. It’s lots of fun, and a great opportunity to take a break from all this tiring wedding planning. It is your chance to express your personality and your sensuality; to try on all of your cheeky and sexy outfits or even go for classy black and white nudes.

Please visit Bridal Boudoir album in our Gallery.

Just give us a call, make a booking and come to our studio to enjoy the glamour of professional boudoir photography and a glass or two of good champagne.

The pricing information below is for our standard packages. We are happy to create a special package just for you.

… and if you think all of this is out of your already overstretched wedding budget, give us a call and I’m sure you’ll be able to get what you want for your Big Day.