Black_Sheets_Boudoir_1732Sensual and artistic boudoir  is our favourite type of photography, and we can assure you that you’ll love the result and the entire experience.

Boudoir photography is a perfect gift

  • For Her. Every woman wants it. Not many have done it. Take the initiative and buy her a gift certificate for a Boudoir session. Every woman should know how absolutely beautiful she is, especially in your eyes.
  • For Him. Surprise Him with a gift he will never forget! Whether it is a birthday gift for your husband or a wedding gift for your groom, our Little Black Album will make him to remember this day forever!
  • For Both of you. Come to our photo session together and create something that not every couple has. Showcase this inner sensuality, romanticism and unique connection between you two in a stylish photo album. Maybe for your eyes only or maybe not. Maybe your bedroom needs few large prints on the walls to add that sensual touch?
  • For You. Just have a Boudoir photo session to celebrate you and your awesomeness. Enjoy the unique experience of being a glamour model and have the pictures you will treasure for life.

Fine art nudeUnlike many other photography services, we do not have strict limits on the number of pictures, the duration of the photo session or how erotic your photos can be. You are free to push your limits or you can stay within your boundaries – it is all up to you.

Either way you’ll have a lot of fun and the result will be highly rewarding!

The photo session usually takes about 3-4 hours. Sometimes less, sometimes more. It is all up to you.

Photo session usually takes place in our beautiful studio in Essendon.

It also can be done in the comfort of your home (travel fee applied). It gives practically unlimited opportunities to try different outfits or go a little more adventurous in a familiar environment.

A fancy hotel room is becoming a very popular alternative lately. Couples book a hotel, have a sensual photo session in the glamorous environment and spend the rest of the romantic night together.

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